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The Path to take:


The Bible gives us some great wisdom about saving money

In Proverbs 13:11 it tells us: 

He who gathers money little by little makes it grow. 

THIS is the power of compound interest.


Could you skip a cold drink, or a small item every day and set aside just ONE dollar?

Well, in a lifetime (80 years) at the average market interest rate, that dollar a day turns into $11,162,460.99

Do you think you will miss that cold drink?


You will be making $1,173,794.96 a year in interest.
You could have a family of 4 each making well over 
a quarter million dollars a year not working…

and never touch the money sitting in the bank. 

You could provide for your kids, and their kids and so on…  realistically forever! 

And if they did the same…. 

The amount of money is almost endless!


It is time we LEARN to live in abundance!

So… why not start this?
Why pay those millions to the drink vendor,
or in interest on a debt or loan?

Why pay FOREVER for a little pleasure now?


It is time we learn to invest.  Then we will have an abundance to share.


Take some time to click on the other link

“The path to avoid”

Because this power that can work FOR you,

can also work against you.


It is time we learn to live without debt.

It is time we learn to control ourselves and only purchase what we can afford.

So, we can have this compounding interest work FOR us!
We can learn ABUNDANCE.

And if you want a life coach or planner to help…
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