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"What you believe, you can Achieve"

"You can harness the power of the universe
to bring all good things 
under your control"

"There is a way to become one with who you are and be
who you were created to be"

These are the ideas of the
Modern Thought movement.

But, modern thought is not new.

From the NLP movement, to the
Law of Attraction,

and every New thought philosophy.

They are grounded in early works by great thinkers before them.


This page will look at
the writings of
Modern thought teachers,

and examine the early texts of the great thinkers of previous ages. 

The goal is to show that
they all lead to success,

And there is good in all of them.
But none of them are complete.
true power,

and unity with our creator

Is only found fully

in the one true path.

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