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This is by far the most important section on this site.
It is where you will find truth, and find yourself.

Since the dawn of time, man has searched for a link to his creator.

And throughout all time we see this creator trying to make himself known.

In every culture, every religion, and every system of beliefs,

there are similar convictions that have proven to be beneficial and productive.

Because they are universal and offered to all,

even non spiritual groups have been led to many of these truths. 

But there is one true path that contains the fulfillment of them 

if we would seek it, and find it.

The Bible calls this "Everything we need for life and Godliness"
it is HODOS, the one true path.


Other pages examine differing thoughts and movements and their search for truth.  This page focuses on the one true path that leads to fulfillment.

When Jesus Christ said "I am the way, the truth, and the life"
this was the word he used. (HODOS) 
Yet the confusion of religion hid this way from us.
It was even hidden from many who saw Jesus himself.

We seek to go back to these ancient paths, and the pure spiritual truths.
In them is found a connection to our creator,
and the realization of everything we were created for.

Let the journey begin.


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