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The path to avoid


Compound interest is how nearly every loan or debt is structured.

This means you pay interest, and then pay interest on your interest, and then pay interest on that…


If I came to you and offered a beautiful home worth $600.000.00 for only $300,000.00 

Wouldn’t you want it? 

Of course.  

But on a 30-year mortgage at only 4% interest, you would pay me $659,608.52 for that home.  

Do you see the trick?   You are paying for that home more than twice.

What if you needed some quick cash, and your credit card was at its limit of $5,000.00.
But I was kind enough to give you an additional $5,000.00 on your limit?  Wouldn’t that be nice?

With a 14.9% rate on the $10.000.00 on your card,

a 2% minimum payment would mean you would pay me $25,840.81 to pay off that card. 

And it would take you 39.4 years.


Now, would you want to pay twice for your home?

Or 3 times for every credit purchase? 

Or pay triple for your car?

IF you have debt…


Look at the interest amount on your loans…

you are paying this every month, and you get NOTHING for it.

It is a hole you will never get out of.


On that mortgage, the first $12,000.00 in year one just pays for interest. 
Not a PENNY goes to pay off the house.
The Bible tells us this in Proverbs 22:7

The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.


Learn how to end that cycle.

It is time we learn to live without debt.

It is time we learn to control ourselves and only purchase what we can afford.

On the other side…
We can have this compounding interest work FOR us!
We can learn ABUNDANCE.


Click on “The path to take” to learn a more…
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