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Discipline and Organization

If I had 100 gumballs and I poured them into a tube with a funnel….

If I rolled them to you in a straight line…

How hard would it be for you to divide them up into 10 jars, 10 per jar?
Pretty easy right?
But… what if I just took a box of 100 and threw them at you?

Would it be harder?


If I had 100 gumballs, ten each of ten colors,

and poured them into a funnel 

one color at a time…
You could easily put one of each color into those 10 

But not if I just threw them at you.


You see, discipline and organization matter.  

They help you work smarter.

They save you time.

But some of us never apply this to our lives.

We just let life keep getting thrown at us… and we suffer for it.

We do not plan, we do not set goals, we dream small dreams,

and we wonder why things are so difficult .


Here is a secret….

You just need to learn the skills to do so.

Do you want the three secrets 

to adding order and success to your life?

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