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SecRet #1
YOu PLAN your life

Planning is crucial.

Get a calendar, use a phone app, write things down.
Start each day planning out how it will be a success.

End each day reflecting on how it was one.

Plan your days. 

Don’t let life just happen to you.
You get to decide what kind of person you will be.

Set a time to wake up, and a time for rest. 

Schedule time to enjoy life and to educate yourself.


Let your plans be vows that you make to yourself.

Don’t lie to yourself.  Don’t cheat yourself out of life.

Carl Sandburg once said
“Nothing happens unless first a dream”
So, dream big.

Visualize it… plan it… step by step, in detail.

Get books to read and speak power into your life.

And then invest in yourself.

You have the ability to make it happen.

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